Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aduan / Pemberitahuan : Scam call

saya baru menerima scam call seperti yang pernah saya terima sebelum ini.

fakta kes:
1. call received from +303
2. auto machine said that i've credit card outstanding balance with Ambank. (amount around RM6,000)
3. at the end of the notification, it give me an option to talk to customer service which then try to get my personal info.(savings acct, credit account no, asc..)

tolong maklumkan pada masyarakat umum di radio/tv/akhbar untuk mengelakkan ramai yang tertipu.

Terima Kasih

Monday, July 11, 2011

ADUAN PILIHAN : Dear ATMCard Maestro Beneficiary

Dear ATMCard Maestro Beneficiary

We wish to officially notify you once again of your status via your email address as our previous letter to your home address mailbox was returned undelivered. Your cash bonus of USD $600,000,00  (Six Hundred Thousand United State Dollar) have been RELEASED and APPROVED for onward delivery to you via our ATMCard Maestro which you will use to withdraw cash at any ATM SERVICE MACHINES where you see the MasterCard (or Maestro®/Cirrus®) sign/logo located in more than 22 million locations across 210 countries

For claims, Kindly contact dispatch officer in charge, with your information of your winning ATMCard Maestro to arrive to you to your home address via below information:

Contact Person:  Mr. Frank Anderson
Phone & Fax Number: +447031833984

Thanks for your cooperation and congratulations once again.

Yours in Service,

Christiana Albert
Customer Care
ATMCard Maestro Regional Headquarters
Maestro House, 4 Fir Rd, Bramhall,
Stockport SK7 2NP,
United Kingdom.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Aduan Pilihan: SMS Penipu

TARIKH : 28/6/2011
MASA : 03:35PM
Congratulation.! SimCard Anda Berjaya menangi PROMOSI RM30,000.00 Dr SHELL M.BHD No siri;47477
Sila Call Office: 0178626167 MOH.ASLAN